Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The view from the 21st floor

Last week I went with a colleague to get a photo taken for a new ID. We had to go to the 21st floor in the building next door to ours, and while being up there I couldn't help notice how small the city feels from that height.

So, here are a few pictures showing the view around the part of Oslo where I work.

The Opera is the flatfish, white building in the center. 

The harbor up at the right, where the ferry to Denmark docks.

The huge "blob" at the bottom is a concert arena called
"Oslo Spektrum".

The Radisson SAS hotel, which is next to "Oslo Spektrum".

This picture is taken in the direction of our
neighbourhood in Oslo - barely visible is the
swimming pool building, "Tøyen Badet"
(a "half circle" building), and our apartment is right below it. 
In the more crafty news I've completed a couple of knitting projects, one that I can show now - I just need to take some good pictures of it - and one that's a secret. I'm also working on my mug rugs for the swap I've joined. Some stitching left, and then it's time for quilting. The send-off date is not until the 22nd, so there's still time. I'm also quilting on a project that's been on it's way for a few years now (I think I started working on it before Peder was born, or when he was a baby, I don't really remember). I'm excited to see it so close to being finished - and it really makes me want to finish other projects hidden away - to make a clean slate (at least while I'm still in the "finishing" mood).


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