Thursday, January 09, 2014


Today I made waffles for dinner - it was just Mini and me home, and I figured that it had been a looooong time since I'd made waffles (not since last summer, when I ended up with a burn on my arm..). I found a recipe on the web from the Norwegian seamen church in Copenhagen (apparently voted the best waffles in the world a couple of years ago). The recipe was a little different from what I've been used to, but they ended up really yummy! (I think there's even leftovers so that I can bring some to work tomorrow, for lunch.. mmmm…)

Yummy-yummy waffles! With strawberry jam..
 And in the mail today was an envelope containing this little charmer :

Dox is back home!

Dox was "born" for a competition to win a feature in a book last year, and has spent most of 2013 traveling to bookstores and book launches (even appeared on TV!) to promote the book she was featured in. (The book's called Hand made, contains a number of projects created by bloggers from all over Norway, and is published in norwegian.)

I've been bitten by the EPP (English Paper Piecing) bug, and have had some problems getting to bed this week - and with a little boy who's gotten up annoyingly early (last night he wanted to be read a book at 03:30 AM…) it's needless to say there hasn't been much quality sleep for any of us this week. But, tonight, I'm off to bed early.

Good night!

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