Sunday, January 05, 2014

First finishes in 2014

This weekend I managed to finish three items - one WIP and two UFOs. The WIP (work in progress, or ongoing project) I cannot show you, as it is for a competition later this year, but the two UFOs (unfinished objects, now completed) I can show you. 

I crochet the brown owl (Sir Hoots-a-Lot) last summer, and started working on the smallest one right after, but he and the gray one both ended up as "no-priority-projects" when fall came, and I started tp focus on other things and projects. Oh well, until tonight, when they were both finished, with eyes and all. 

Now to find some good names for them.. 

I have a few more projects in my "to be completed"-pile, and about a ton of ideas I'd like to test, but that'll have to wait. 



Susan said...

Clever you. Those owls are really cute.

Laila said...

Så fine de ble ;-))