Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunday - not as lazy as you'd like..

Today's Sunday. There's perhaps 1-2 centimeters of snow outside, and it's suddenly cooler out - about -6 to -7 degrees celsius this morning, and somewhere around -2 or -3 now.

It was another early morning this morning - as it has been all last week. It's not that we're busy doing things, but Mini's been awake a number of times every single night this past week, and last night was no different..

Today he and I were up around 7AM. Managed to fill the entire living room full of toys before all three of us got dressed and walked up to the local pool. Spent a couple of hours there, with what seemed to be about half of the population in our neighborhood.. And now there are only a few minutes left until we have to get dressed again to go to a Christmas party (yes, I know it's January) at hubby's office (it's for the employees' kids).

But right now, we have a couple of minutes to relax..

When I was packing away all the Christmas decorations, I found a small wallhanging I made a few years ago (I think I made it back in 2006 or 2007.. there should be a picture somewhere on the blog..). Anyway.. We don't have that many things hanging on our walls in this apartment, and seeing as I enjoyed having a small tablecloth on my little corner table, I thought I'd use it as a topper for a while.

My little nook - corner table by the sofa.

The two main fabric are the same, only in different colors. There are four stitcheries, and five squares of different light fabric in between. Simple, and yet very decorative.

Flowers, lady bugs, bee hive and a large flower, all from
the same series of small stitcheries.

The stitcheries were pre-printed, but the pattern was also included printed on paper. I think I have a few more of these designs, my mom and Vigdis swapped as we all bought different patterns. They are.. somewhere in the collection of patterns and designs.. 

The sun is finally shining, and I can see just how dirty my windows are.. oh well, time to get dressed and get out of here. ;-) The dirty windows won't go anywhere. 

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