Thursday, December 26, 2013

SSCS 2013 - what I sent

I was so happy when the news came this fall that there would be another round of Secret Santa Christmas Swap! It's really become a tradition over the years, and I'vr grestly enjoyed getting to know bloggers and quilters from all over the world during this yearly swap, organised by the Elf Mother Chookyblue - and this year her Assistant Elf Googy Girl. 

Sneaking around a person's blog, planning and making a project, sending it off in good time for Christmas - and hoping the parcel will give some joy is really, really fun! (Although I guess some of us - ahem - can be a bit too sneaky from time to time..) 

This year my victim of sneakyness, and reciever of my parcel, was Cheryl, who writes the lovely blog (have a look at the projects she's been working on - they're amazing!). 

And this is what I sent to Cheryl : 

Both parcels in their wrapping..

The ornament (mini-stocking) and a folded star (I just learned how to fold these, and they are addictive!). 

And the wallhanging (a Tilda design) and the ornament together. 

I included a couple of more things (a reflective badge in the shape of a sheep with a traditional norwegian knitting pattern on it, and a tiny calendar). 

Thabks again, Chooky, for a great swap! It just wouldn't be Christmas without it! 


Raewyn said...

I had a lot of fun being sneaky for the swap too! Your gifts look lovely, the little stocking is a lovely idea.

Chookyblue...... said...

and a great parcel you have put together for Cheryl........