Sunday, October 13, 2013

Still beautiful

We're still enjoying some amazingly warm and beautiful autumn days here in Oslo. Although the mornings and nights are quite chilly, the days and afternoons have been nice most days (except from Thursday, which came with this fall's first mornings of heavy rain). 

Where Norway's been showing off it's nature in shades of green all summer, autumn now shines in a rainbow of colors, raging from shades of green, yellow, orange, red-brown and brown. 

Above are some of the pictures I've taken on my walks to the kindergarden in the afternoons. The last picture I took just minutes ago. It!'s the church closest to us (Sofienberg kirke) and right next to it is a large playground. Mini is currently rocking the swingset, and there's about 50 or more kids here (from 0 to 10-12'ish playing (their parents are here too, of course). 

I haven't finished much lately - working on mostly secret or longtime-projects - but I'm almost finished with a knitted vest for Mini. Though it needs a wash when it's done, as we had a hot chocolate-incident with it last weekend.. 

The vest is in a grassy green color wool, nice and soft - and looks beautiful against the yellowy-orange colors outside the window (where it was drying). 

Are you enjoying autumn where you are?


Anne Ida said...

Nydelig høst - også i Oslo øst ;-)

Chookyblue...... said...

great autumn the green of the vest......

Deb R said...

Such great pics, its spring in Australia. Your autumn colours are gorgeous, you must enjoy your walks each day!