Friday, October 18, 2013



This past week has been too full of events and work and stress and not enough time to think.. It's been superbusy at work, leading to feelings of not getting things done, and leaving work in the afternoons with heaps of things having to wait for the next day. It's been like that for the past four days - but, finally! Today I was able to get every little thing on my list done, and some extra stuff that came during the day, and I have an almost clean slate awaiting my return to the office Monday morning (the only things left on the list, are things I'm going to do Monday morning (like, call and nag people for not replying to my emails and such. (It sucks, but it needs to be done.)

Anyway, besides work being a major factor of stress this past week, there was work to be done - both in our community (I don't know a better word for "borettslag") and in the kindergarden Mini goes to (every fall and spring there's an evening where the parents help out, tidying, cleaning, painting and doing other work around the kindergarden - and the same is done around our buildings, even planting and fixing the outdoor furniture - everything done to make things more cosy both at home and in the kindergarden). Now, this time the timing kinda sucked again, seeing as both events fell on the same afternoon. So we had to split up. Hubby went to the kindergarden, and Mini and I helped out at home, until he was "fourteen degrees tired" and wanted to go back inside.

But Tuesday was an evening spent in the light of creativity.. I had signed up for a class taught by Pickles (a yarn shop, both physical store and web shop, who also make a lot of patterns themselves), a two-hour knitting class where we learned a technique they called "Icelandic Sunrise". It took some time figuring out how to make the stitches come together in the kind of sun'ish pattern, but when I finally did, it was really fun! There were 10 people in the class - 9 women/girls and one guy. He'd joined with his friend, a girl from Australia (and he knitted!). There was a lady who'd travelled from a place called Moelven, a couple of hours outside of Oslo, and even a lady from Tønsberg (which is also a couple of hours drive away) - both of them came to Oslo just to join the class that one afternoon. (According to our teacher, we were the most quiet and concentrated class she'd ever taught, which I guess says something about the complexity of figuring out the technique..) I'm definitely joining another class in the future, if anything interesting comes up!

Alas, it's Friday. Well, not alas.. far from it.. More TGIF!!! We're a tired and quiet little mini-family tonight. Mini wanted to go to bed quite early and is already sleeping, and I think it's going to be a quiet evening for the remaining two of us too.. Poor Mini, barely wanted to watch children's TV tonight (barnetv) - but I enjoyed it - there was even an episode of Professor Balthazar! :)

Hope you enjoyed watching some Professor Balthazar and that you have a nice and quiet Friday evening, wherever you are.

Btw, did you have any favorite children's show/TV that you enjoyed growing up?

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