Sunday, October 06, 2013

Gotta love that autumn feeling..

The boys are off swimming, and I've had a good housecleaning-hour while they've been away (well, they're still out, but I'm having a break now). The floors are cleaned, the apartment is aired, and most of my summer clothes have been put away for this year (no need for shorts any more). 

I took some pictures earlier this week, while walking from the subway up to Plutt's kindergarden. It's been amazing this week : a little crispy chill in the air in the mornings, but later in the day the sun warms up everything and the sky is clear and blue. (Of course, this had to change when the weekend came, and yesterday saw rain for most of the morning - but the afternoon was wonderful and warm again). 

Plutt's been very interested in the changes in nature lately, and does a nice speech about how all the leaves change color - some green, some yellow, some orange and some brown - and then fall off the trees. 

The colors of autumn.

Clear blue sky over the nearby park.

A little blurry, the sun shines on the left side,
but still beautiful.

These past few weeks have been amazingly busy and short. Well, they seem short, when all I've done is work and sleep, but I'm finally starting to get on top of things at work, and am able to get some more things done in the afternoons.

This morning I had to leave my knitting to dry, as Plutt managed to spill an almost full cup of cocoa over the knitting (still on the needles) and the yarn. Well, I guess I was going to wash it after finishing it after all, but didn't plan to have it covered in cocoa first.. Luckily, the yarn is in a deep grass green, and not white (as the previous project was) so it shouldn't show afterwards.

It's finally October, and I can light all the candles I want without complaints (not that Hubby complains..)! Not only is it dark outside (and extra cosy with the burning candles) but the building is a little chilly, and hasn't quite adapted to the sudden cooler temperatures yet. The candles do give off a little warmth..

Well, I ought to continue my fixing of stuff while the boys are out.

Are you enjoying the autumn so far?


Anne Ida said...

Nydelige høstbilder fra nabolaget! Tanken på bilder av høstfarger slo meg da jeg gitt til T-banen i går, men jeg måtte rekke en avtale, så ikke tid til å knipse :-(

Laila said...

Flotte bilder :-))