Friday, July 26, 2013

Summer's coming to an end..

Well, the summer vacation, anyway. This week saw me back in the office, while hubby and Mini had the week off. Considering the heated temperatures outside, being in the air conditioned office wasn't too bad - just a bit boring (with all the engineers and people off on vacation, the amount of tasks and work to be done is slightly less normal, and with three of us trying to share the workload - or lack of such - the days ended up being slow and long). 

But! Today's Friday! :D

On Wednesday, hubby and Mini came and picked me up from work, and we drove out to Bygdøy and one of the beaches there, called Huk. It's not a very big beach, but it's got sand and areas where it's nice to sit and bbq, enjoy the sun and the view, and both big and small can enjoy the sea. There were quite a few people there, many with children - and many went for a dip in the water. I don't swim, but waded a bit with Mini, while we were looking for shells.

One of the beach areas on Bygdøy, called Huk.
 I had to laugh a few times while we were there.. a young couple were there as well, and had brought along their tiny dog (about the size of a ball of yarn or something) and this dog was very protective of the beach and the surrounding area. So, every time another dog came walking by with it's owners, this little half-pint of a dog jumps up and starts barking and looking very "this is my beach, you better go now - I'm very dangerous". Or, at least I think that might've been what it thought. Anyway, the funny thing was that suddenly, the other dog wasn't another bag-dog (suitable size to be carried around in a bag.. or pocket..) but a rather big dog (one of them was a half-old retriever puppy) and these larger dogs just stared at the noisy little ball of fur, wondering "what the..?". The look on the big dog's face was just priceless.

Mini loooooves (cold..) hotdogs, and
enjoyed himself on the beach.
 Hubby brought along a small bbq (just a disposable one) and we ate hotdogs and pieces of melon and soaked up some sun and vitamins for a few hours - until we were all tired and warm, and sticky.. Mini didn't want to go home, but fell asleep in the car almost before we could get out of the parking lot, so we took a little tour of the area and stopped by a small shop selling flowers and fruit. They had good prices on strawberries (these are just so ridiculously expensive in Norway (at least the norwegian ones) and I think these were the best, yummiest and mouthwateringly good strawberries I've had in years!

These were perhaps the tastiest strawberries I've had in..
I don't even know how long..
 It's not that often you find good strawberries, deep red in the color, firm and not squishy in the meat, and with a sweetness that lingers on your tongue for (seemingly) hours after you finished eating them.. Strawberries like that don't need anything on them - we ate them bare, no cream or sugar or milk.

Yesterday morning (and afternoon) the heat was disrupted slightly by a shower of rain. I didn't see the rain in the afternoon, I was in the gym and only noticed coming out of the gym that everything was wet - but yesterday morning a rainbow appeared over some buildings on my way to the office.

Can you see the rainbow?
I like rainbows. Not because I believe in the old tale of the pot of gold being hidden where the rainbow ends, but more because rainbows somehow gives a feeling of hope. Sunrises too.. Strange, isn't it, how some things can mean something like that without really having a meaning?

Craftwise, things are going slow.. it's just too hot to do anything. So my knitting's resting, my stitching's resting, and my sewing machine is still not unpacked. I've heard that it might be rainy all next week, so perhaps that'll help?

Enjoy the day, wherever you may be. :)

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