Monday, July 15, 2013

Vacation days.

Mini and I took the bus to Trysil a few days ago, and hubby, sister and niece followed a couple of days later. We've had some busy days (painting windowsills and the playhouse) but today's been more of a lazy morning (although Mini woke up bright and early, as usual).

The living room is full of signs that there are two kids here - lots and lots of (vintage..) LEGO and Playmobile toys and new and old cars (I think the oldest toy car I found the other day was marked 1972).

Vintage LEGO.
 It's fun to be able to take out old toys from when my sister and I were young, and let Peder and Emma play with them now.
Vintage Playmobile.
 I remember when I first got that little playhouse from Playmobile. Not quite sure how old I was, but I remember when I had the full set of a hospital wing from Playmobile - down to cups and plates and bandages for the little people.
A mix of old and new toys.
The police car was bought during a trip to Trondheim when I was young. We used to spend some time every summer in Trondheim, visiting grandma and grandpa. I still miss the summers in Trondheim.

There's been some, but only a little, crafting achieved by me these days. Mostly because painting kills my arms and back (I'm definitly not used to hanging on top of a ladder painting) - but also because when the evening comes, I've not quite felt like crafting much. But I have been crocheting a little, and made some stitchings on a stitchery. (And realized that my mom and I have very similar taste in craft books - seeing as I've just ordered - and got - two of the same books she's bought..)

Speaking of craft books.. I've got more than a shelf full of them - some I look to for inspiration, some I've used quite a bit over the years, and some I've bought, looked at, and then placed on the shelf.. So I was thinking the other day, that maybe I should look through them again, with new eyes, and see if there are projects there that I really want to make - and if I can't find any, perhaps I should take the book off the shelf and see if someone else might be interested in it.

I really need to sew more - using Aurora (my sewing machine) but seeing as she's been packed away for most of the last month (redecorating the kitchen..) I've mostly been knitting, crocheting and stitching. Perhaps I can unpack her again later this week (when we return from Trysil) and have some quality time with her again.

What are you up to this summer? Any big crafting plans or just playful small projects? :)


Chookyblue...... said...

glad you have got to spend some time with your Mum........

Laila said...

Tusen takk for koselig besøk, lekene og jeg trenger å brukes i blandt:-)) klem