Tuesday, June 25, 2013

You better start early..

If you want to be creative with fabric. Just look at Mini, who discovered a pile of fabric in his grandmother's suitcase this morning.

I'm making beds for all of you. 
 The sun was shining bright, making it a little difficult to take good pictures, but I think you can see how he's arranging all the fabric into beds, with blankets on top.

This is grandma's bed. 
On Friday I had the urge to finish something that's in my pile of "construction work". (Maybe it was the fact that the whole apartment's looked like a construction site for most of these past two weeks.. but I really had to finish something.) In the pile I found this jacket I'd knitted for Mini a couple of years ago. A thread break had caused a hole, and it had spent most of the last 18 months just waiting to be repaired. Looking at it, I thought it was quite roomy for being a jacket knitted in size 12-18 months, so on Saturday I asked Mini if he wanted to try it on. 

Roomy - and short-sleeved.
Well, there's nothing to say about the width of the jacket. Could've used another inch on the length, maybe, but it's not that bad either. The sleeves? Oh, another two or three inches, and he could still use this today. I think it's funny.. I thought it was a little big when I knitted it - but seeing this, I must've been waaaaaay off when it comes to tension. Though, I do love the colour - gorgeous gray - and the buttons are so cheery and bright. :) I'd knit it again, that's for sure! (The pattern is called "Little Ivanhoe", designed by a norwegian lady, and is available through Ravelry.

So, with hubby in Boston (on some kind of design conference) and the kitchen /apartment a mess, what have I been doing in the evenings after Mini's off to bed?

Candles, white wine and Criminal Minds..
Well.. knitting - a little - stitching, some appliqué, finishing some projects, planning new ones, dreaming, watching season 1 and 2 of Criminal Minds, and enjoying a glass of ice cold white wine. The bottle in the picture came home with me after a 23 hour cruise to Denmark with some colleagues a couple of weeks ago. Just the right size for me - I think it's about 2 glasses - and the flavor was nice and mild.

Right now I'm listening to two carpenters working on our kitchen. They come in every now and then to ask about something (and I'm hoping that the long list hubby left me with is covered during today's session..). I don't like to "play boss" when it comes to these things.. I like to have a plan at the start, and see that it's all done when it's finished. They know (or should know..) what they're supposed to do, so I shouldn't have to babysit their every move, should I?

Outside the sky is nearly cloudless.. it's almost 22 degrees celsius in the shade - and I'm stuck inside.. At least it seems like they're working fast. They've been at it for about an hour now, and the cupboards are more or less up on the wall. (No, I'm not checking up on them, I'm trying to stay out of the way as much as possible - but when they ask me to check things, I come.)

Just a little bit more patience.. (I hope..)

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Deb R said...

What a lovely post! Mini seems to have had a great day!