Friday, June 21, 2013

MIA - or, How to Test Ones Patience

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 I've been a bit MIA (missing in action) lately, mainly because of our apartment looking like a construction site (well, perhaps not that bad, but..). The old kitchen's been torn out and we've had carpenters, plumbers (and next week an electrician's coming) and stuff going all over the place (the fridge is in our bedroom, stove in the living room, and the freezer box is currently in Mini's room).

Yesterday the last missing pieces were supposed to be delivered (the remainig cupboards and stuff) - yes, you read correct, supposed to.. but, when hubby phoned IKEA, wondering why they hadn't called to set a time for the delivery truck to come, they suddenly informed him that the delivery had been moved three days - so they weren't coming yesterday, but rather on Monday! (Apparently, there's alot of deliveries to be made these days.. well, that sucks, because we'd made our order almost a month ago, and had carpenters that were to come in today (Friday) to get everything done..)

I find it very strange that they didn't even bother to call or email to inform about the change in schedule.. I mean, we'd made plans with everybody (carpenters, electricians, etc) and there was quite a fuzz to have to reschedule those guys too. (Not to mentioned the fact that we've now been without a proper kitchen for more than two weeks.. and I'm getting pretty sick of it all..)

So, should I dare to hope that things will (..finally..) be finished and back in order Tuesday night? Or is that keeping my hopes waaaaay to high?

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