Thursday, July 04, 2013


Last weekend I took a stroll downtown with Spotify  as my company (I like walking - and I like walking while listening to nice music).

It was quite grey outside, but warm, and though rain eventually started to pour down, I managed to walk for quite a while before it started.

Fountain - finally with water.

In one of the parks we usually walk through on our regular route downtown the water had finally been turned on. (It's been dry and used as a playpin for children for most of the time so far this summer.)

Candleholders - bobbins and string..
 My mom had seen these candleholders made of bobbins some time ago, and I managed to find the store which sold them. (Good for her, they were on sale!) I love this store - they mainly sell candleholders and candles (in all shapes, sizes and colours), and I'm completely unable to resist picking up just a few items there every time I drop by. (Yeayeayea, I know that candleholder isn't the correct word, but my mind just went all blank and foggy.. so.. candleholder it is.)

My Starbucks coffe!
I love it when people have a sense of humor.. ^.^
 Starbucks opened up their first shop here in Oslo about a month ago. I've been there a couple of times now - ridiculously expensive coffee, but it's quite nice. And I love their lemon cupcakes with poppy seeds..

My first Starbucks coffe (a double latte with vanilla syrup) was so hot (and I mean HOTHOTHOTouchHOT) I bought it downtown, took the subway back home, went to the store and bought supplies for dinner and walked halfway home before it was cool enough to drink (without burning my tongue off). I was luckier the other times, and could enjoy my coffee without waiting too long. (Thinking back makes me smile.. I must've looked quite strange, walking around the store with a basket for my groceries, my bag, and a cup of coffe bought three subway stops away..)

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Laila said...

Takk for sist. Gleder meg til nye lysestaker:-))