Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Not exactly the dreamy start of a new year..

Well, how I wish I could say that the picture below can describe our start of the new year.. Snowy white, a blanket covering the old - clean fresh sheets, blank papers ready to be filled with good and creative stuff.. Well, creative we will have to be, I guess, no matter what happens.

You see, this is our kitchen as of 10AM this morning. Notice something a little out-of-place? Or, perhaps missing?

Could it have something to do with the piece of cupboard standing beside the fridge and freezer?

Or the stove missing beside the large cupboard?

Oh, wait, how about the missing floor?

Yup, thanks to a (we thought) minor leak in a pipe near our dishwasher (which we got to use for about 2 weeks after we bought it) our entire kitchen floor got ripped up this morning - and they even had to take out the bench, sink and some other parts of the kitchen too to get to the floor.

So there you have it - we've got an 8 months old (soon to be 9 months old, actually), who's busy crawling in lightning speed across the floor, standing up every place where he's got some support (or even up against the walls and doors) and who won't leave anything (anything) in peace - and no kitchen. Fun. Fun fun fun. I'm waiting to hear from a company who's going to come and dry the floor (the concrete is soaked..) but worst case scenario - we'll be out of a kitchen for anything between 2-3 weeks to 2-3 months. *..yay..*

Let's just go back to the first picture and let our minds be cleared, like the white, clean snow covering the ground, the playarea and the tree with it's bright little lights.. forcing the pictures of what used to be a working kitchen about 6 hours ago.. Oh, did I mention that the bathroom door won't close? Or, it will close, but you might not be able to come out again. For some reason, the door won't open from the inside - only the outside. I think something's loose somewhere.

So what did we do after the carpenters tore our kitchen down?

We lounged infront of the TV, watching In the Night Garden. (Don't you lust love Peder's new chair?) We listen to music - and, right now, Peder's having a nap while I'm getting a bit of whining out of my system.

Things can only go one way now, right? *sigh*


Anne Ida said...

Å, NEI!!!! Dette var virkelig ikke den beste starten på det nye året! Håper tørketiden blir uker i stedet for måneder!

Hold humøret oppe! Og som du sier, det kan bare gå en vei nå ;o) Må dere få et flott resten av 2011!

Chookyblue...... said...

oh bugger that is no good......

Peder is growing so fast.......

Anonymous said...

Oh no! That's terrible. I much prefer the first picture... all lovely and perfect and snowy! Hope it gets sorted out quickly (and not the 2-3 month version of quickly).... thinking of you!

Laila said...

Ja ja stort verre kan det ikke bli.. Håper alt ordner seg fort :-)
Jeg vil gjerne ha besøk.. masse plass for kjøkkenløse her.
Klem :-)
Ps Det var koseligere på kjøkkenet hos dere i nyttårs helga ;-)