Sunday, December 07, 2008

SSCS - the arrival of the parcel!

Well, actually, it arrived in the mail last week (the mailman who actually delivers our mail stuffed it really deep into our tiny mailbox - and BF was almost not able to get it out)! I am soo curious!

The envelope had gone through a pretty rough trip, and was torn here and there, so I decided to open it and see if everything was ok with it's contents. Well, I cannot hear any broken sounds from it, and it seems ok, but look at the gorgeous fabric Cathy has used to wrap it! :D

Thank you thank you thank you! Only two and a half more weeks now, and then it's unwrapping-time!

In other news, I've heard that both my "victims" have received their parcels - both Kelli and Anita. :) I am so glad that they both arrived safely and quickly.

I am currently trying to find some inspiration and some ideas to make a couple of Christmas presents, but it's soooo hard!!! I really just want to work on my BFG or knitting another pair of.. well, secrets.. *wink* But I need to get these ones done by the weekend after next. And I need to go downtown and do some shopping too - and maybe go to Ikea.. and, and, and.. AND bake! We (BF and I) went through some baking books today and made a list of some of the cookies/yummie things we'd like to make for Christmas. And then comes finding the time to bake. And make. And, see our friends.. We have a "date" with a friend of ours on Thursday, Wedensday is the Christmas meeting in my guild, and then there's work, work, and did I mention work? I have so much to do before Christmas I'm having a hard time finding a place to start!

Atleast we've been able to get some gift tags made today. :) One small step, etc etc etc.


Catherine said...

Hi Nemo, it should be ok!! Nothing breakable!! Enjoy Cathyx

Laila said...

Hello. Luckey you who has got your parsell. ;-)
I think the two of you manage to do everything you want before Cheistmas... I will come and take a look soon...
Hugs. ;-)