Thursday, December 04, 2008

One small step..

Yep! Testing out the blog function on my mobile - and showing the first block for Butterfly Garden. :)

Edit: Works like a charm! Hmm, perhaps it'll help me update a little more often. *blush* Oh, and btw, this was the first block for my BFG - I have now completed all the hearts, and have started on the flowers. No rush, though, this is "comfort sewing". ;) In other news, I have learned how to knit socks!! Yay!


Anne Ida said...

Woohoo! Way to go on those hearts!!! And well on to the flowers! Didn't I tell you you'd catch up with me before you know? *lol*

Laila said...

Hi. How fun to be able to use your phone and blog ;-)
Please show your nitting also... Or perhaps..not- if it is a secret..
Hugs ;-)