Sunday, November 04, 2007

A little progress..

Well, as I said in one of the previous posts, things have been kinda crazy around here lately - tons of work at work, in the NTF, at home etc etc etc. Not always easy to balance everything, and in the end, the things that get the least attention, is usually my sweet BF and our ratties.. Hopefully things will be a bit calmer now.

It was Halloween!!! :D But we got no trick or treat'ers at our door.. :/ But we had a very cozy time anyway. I made a test-batch of pumpkin-cakes (I skipped the filling, it didn't really sound very good) and they were GREAT! Yummy.. and on Wednesday we ate a good dinner, had way too many pumpkin-cakes and watched "The Nightmare before Christmas" on DVD, in candlelight. :) I'd bought two new candleholders the weekend before, and of course we had to test them on Halloween. ;)

The first one is with a witch on the front and back, and with bats on the sides.

The second one has a haunted house on the front and back, and a tree on the sides. They're very very prett when the candle inside are lit - dancing orange glows and shadows..

I was working on the thing you see parts of in the picture abowe... but something came up.. *duh* I'm a part of this stitchingclub organized by Jordbærstedet, where we get one preprinted stitchery plus fabrics (and silken threads for those who want that) a month, and then we have a certain amount of time to complete what it is we choose to make, and send in a picture - and one of lucky ones sending in a picture wins a prize. Now, in the two previous runs we've had about a month to complete the project, but for some reason, this time we have very much less time.. My mom got her package last Thursday, but for some reason I didn't get mine until this Thursday! And it has to be done (and taken a picure of) by November 17th at 12PM! That leaves me with barely 14 days (13 now.. stressed!!!) to figure out something to make, finish it and send it in (the picture that is..)! *eek*

This is as far as I got with the stitchery this weekend.. I still have to decide on a design around it, make it and finish it.. *argh* But I WILL make it. I want to win a prize too, and I want to finish it - even though I thing it's silly to give such a short time.. I heard that they hadn't even been able to send out all the packages yet, so I'm not the only one with a busy time ahead of me. (Lazy as I am today, I didn't flip the picture before posting.. oh well, I'll post a new picture when the whole thing's done.) ;)

On the other side, these little cutesies will have to wait a while for their November-friend.. These are the BOM my mom, a couple of her friends and I are making. They're from a pattern called "Annie's Calendar Quilt". They're very cute and very funny, and I can't wait to see them all finished - and maybe even all 4 different quilts together at one point - it's fun to use the same patterns as others, and then seeing the differences afterwards. :)

I've been playing with the two charm packs I brought home this summer too - not quite sure of what they'll become, but so far it's been fun, and I've learned lots. :)

Well, this is it from me for now, but if things don't get as crazy as they have been, I will be back soon. :) Right now I'm waiting for Quiltoholic to answer the mail I sent her - as a reply to her very sweet mail. ;)

Until next time, happy stitching! And remember to share some good times with a friend or two - like Gizmo and Swiffer in their little fleecehouse. ;)


Vigdis said...

Hei. Jammen er du dyktig. Må snart starte med min " velkommen" jeg også. Det blir knapt med tid. Gleder meg til å treffe dere til helga :)

Laila said...

Hello. So mutch nice work you has done. I have not started on my block from Jordbærstedet yet...But I will soon. You start on the 5" squars are great. Keep up the good work.

Anne Ida said...

GUILTY!!! Sorry! I'll send you an e-mail now... Your stitchery is adorable! Look forward to see what you make of it!

Your vharm pack blocks look great!