Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Back from mini-vacation

Yup, I'm back from a long week-end up in Trysil. It was great! Sleeping long(-er), reading tons of magazines I never read unless I'm home, not having to cook dinner (except from on Sunday - but we don't really mind cooking), and having a bit of real winter-feeling (in comparison to the moist icy cold that's winter in Oslo). My BF really enjoyed it too - drinking tons of tea, doing cross-word puzzles and playing old Super Nintendo-games on his Mac. :)

And.. this was supposed to be the moment where you could see tons of beautiful pictures of Trysil, the stuff we worked on this weekend, and even a picture from a stunt we did at work a couple of weeks ago.. but, alas, Blogger doesn't want to upload any of my pictures.. :(


I'll try again a little later..

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