Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Yes, finally! After about 8 tries - and one complaint to sweet BF - Blogger wants to upload my pictures again. :) So, here are the pictures I wanted to post in the previous post.

This is a picture of me and one of my collegues - Angela - wearing HUGE orange jackets during the stunt our job had. You see, our job has like 500 awailable positions, and wanted to make a stunt so that people would notice them - and hopefully be able to fill the 500-and-something positions by Christmas. So, one early Tuesday morning, about 50 of us dressed up in these huge jackets and handed out business cards, reflective bands and bags of dried fruits and nuts to people on the central train station. It was fun - and a video of us (well, I'm nowhere to be found in the video, but Angela's there) can be seen on pages like DN

Back to the weekend in Trysil..

On Friday Vigdis came over and brought her stitchery from Jordbærstedet to compare with my mom and me. Although they originally were identical, we all have different tastes in color and stitching, so the results will be fun to see. This is as far as we had come on Friday (about mid-day).

And, would you believe it, all three of us were working on the same stitchery from Cinderberry! Mine is the one with the darkest green, my mom's is the one with the lighter green, and Vigdis' is the smallest one (she shrunk the pattern to about 70% of the original size). And again, the colours are not the same - not even the threads for the stitchery. I'm using all the colours from the pattern, but I know the others are making adjustments. :)

Monday morning I was out for a walk - or, I went to the dentist. Nothing big - just a small correction and a note saying to contact him in about 18 to 24 months. Or, whenever I feel like it - but there's really no need. :) Neat! Anyway, back to the pictures.. This is taken from "our" side of the river (with my back against the mountain and facing south) an shows parts of the south side of town. And a very icy river..

Here we have a picture from the same position, only facing north. Don't you just love the fog? It's really blue back home now - almost like the blue hours up in the mountains around Røros (for those who have ever seen the Christmas calendar shows on childrens TV here in Norway).

The trees and bushes have a layer of frosting now. :)

And our house is getting wrapped in snow too (well, this is just a little snow, and it's early in the winter, but give it a couple of weeks and months and you'll see).

This is the mountain view from where my parents live (I'm standing next to the mailbox).

And here I am, wrapped up in my warm jacket, mittens, scarf and hat - but still a bit cold, as you can see from the roses in my cheeks. :)

Monday (before I went back to Oslo) my mom and I took pictures of all the things we'd been working on this weekend. Lots of progress, I should say. :) Neither of us can really remember the last time we managed to do so much in just one weekend..

We even managed to test out a patter for small purses - idea or shall we say the push came from May Britt.

Can you guess what these are? ;)

We just had to try to make these! I made the brown one - and inside it is a pair of my great grandmothers pair of scissors!

We actually managed to finish our stitcheries from Jordbærstedet - I'm going to take a picture and send it in to participate in the competition this week. Cross my fingers and hope to win (well, actually, everybody deserves to win, but it would have been fun if I did win).

Oh well, now it's back to work again, but the weekend's only three days away (and tomorrow I'm going to visit one of the other bloggers - and maybe even another one). ;)


Laila said...

Hello. I'm so glad you got the photos to the blog. It realy looks cold out side. :-)
I think we were so clever to make all the things. Hope to do it again sometime ...soon.
Have fun to morrow evening and say hello to Anne Ida from me. Big hug.

Anne Ida said...

Wow, you ladies were busy this weekend, and amazing all you acomplished! Your stitcheries looks great!

Look forward to seeing you tonight :o)

Funky Finds said...

great stuff you posted! thanks for reading funky finds & entering the stitch swag bag giveaway. stay tuned to see if you're one of the lucky winners this weekend. good luck!