Sunday, November 18, 2007

Christmas in November?

One might start to wonder, when this bunch of guys came in, got together and started to make secret plans. You can just barely hear them mumble through their beards.. Although, I think the second one from the right thinks it's kinda boring.. it looks like he's taking a little nap.

I finally got the bell on my "Velkommen"-stitchery! (And have sent the picture to Jordbærstedet to enter the competition.) *phew* I only needed like one bell, but had to buy a pack of 10.. :/ Anyone out there who needs any? The result is noisy and fun - and I like it. :)

November is coming to an end - and I managed to finish the November-block for the Annie's Calendar Quilt-BOM last night (it's not a real BOM, just something a couple of us decided to do, just for fun). I've made December ready for stitching too, but thought I should wait until December to start working on it. :) So I guess I've got to figure out something else to do for today. Got some plans for some Christmas presents ready (in my head, gotta get it out in fabric and stuff first), and yesterday we bought a small present (very cute! I'll post a picture some time - perhaps a post about presents, but no mentioning of names though, that'll be a spoiler..).

And, last but never least, todays greeting from two very tired rats.. Swiffer and Igor doesn't really like to be terrorised by the camera before 5PM, but I bribed them with a treat. Gizmo is on vacation - a friend of mine has a lonely rat, so Gizmo is staying with her for a little while. She's greatly missed, of course - both by the ratties here, and me and my BF.

Oh well, off to work I go (or to the kitchen.. where my sewing stuff are taking over every inch of available space..).

Hm.. almost to post nr 50.. perhaps I should have a give-away too? Would be fun.. What do you think, you out there in the world of blogs?


Hanne said...

Hello Nemo :-)
Thanks for sharing the photos - both in this post and in the previous.

Your stitcheries are lovely, as always - the wool Nisse-s are cute. Say hello to your furry friends, but don't tell my grandcat - she will love to visit. I don't trust her around furry critters...

Laila said...

You must have been working hard this days. So mutch done.You are clever. ;-)
Your " Velkommen" Stitcheri is beautiful.

Anne Ida said...

Those Santa heads are adorable :o) And your stitcheries looks great!!! Bells? ...I might need some for a Cinerberry Stitches pattern I hope I can manage to make before Xmas - perhaps we can swap - anything you need?

Give my best to your little furry friends :o)