Monday, August 06, 2007

Shoppingspree!!! :D

I decided to take pictures of my moments of insanity in quilting shops according to the shops we visited. *phew* And I think I got it right. ;)

First place I managed to stop, was at Jo Anne's in LA (they were moving to another place, I think, so everything, at the time we were there, were off 20% and would've been more had we come the next week). A nice little collection of fabrics and tools, don't you think?

The next stop I managed to make, was in Bemidji - waiting for the brothers to get out from the cinema (our movie ended an hour before their) ended up in a short stop by Wal-Mart. The last time I was there - four years ago - they had a huge pile of fabrics and supplies, too bad this year it was almost nothing.. :/ But managed to find some cute charms and finally some pins. :)

Last Monday, BF's mother and father (the father being the driver) and I took a round-trip to some "known only by word of others"-quilt stores in the Bemidji-area. The first stop was at the very cozy and small Willow Wood Market (a little hard to find when you're not familiar in the southern parts of the Bemidji-area - we stayed at Grandma's farm up north, closer to Blackduck) but really worth the trip. :) She made a lot of combinations using both cotton fabrics and wool felt. I bought a kit to make a tablerunner, and can't wait to try it.

The next stop was at another "known only by the words of other"-store called Emily's Country Cottage - and I must say I loved it! An entire town house, with attic and basement, lots of small rooms and corners crammed with fabrics, patterns, gifts, cookie cutters, candles, buttons, and and and.. you just have to see it for yourselves. ;)

Another stop by Jo Anne's - this time in the Paul Bunjan-mall or Bemidji Mall, I really don't remember what it was called, everybody just called it "the mall". A small package of 5 FQ with vintage japanese kimonoprint (or that's what it looks like to me, and is what I inted to make from them) had to come along, with some yellow. The green and the red FQ are chinese - aren't they pretty? ;) BF really likes the green one.

I had to go back to the Emily's Country Cottage-house when I saw that BF's mother had managed to find a FQ of a fabric I bought 30cm/14inches of a couple of years ago while living in Tønsberg. I loved that fabric, and could never understand why I didn't by more of it. Well, now I have a yard, and the name of the creator, the fabric no and everything needed to find it again. ;)

Emily's Country Cottage actually had two stores in Bemidji - the big house and a little cozy shop near the mall. Well, of course I had to stop by both. *giggles*

And look what waited for me in the mail when I came home!!!
On the left is the first package in the stitchery club hosted by Jordbærstedet (I think it's full.. sorry..) with a preprinted pattern, four FQs and four silken threads to match. I've just started working on it.. not quite sure what it will become yet..
Also, my pincushion from Anja had arrived! Isn't it gorgeous? Shaped like a suitcase, and it even has a small rat on the back. :D
And I got a package from Helen over at Honey Bunch Quilting, a couple of NZ fabrics and a cute quiltcard. If you ever need another box of pins, let me know. ;)

And I even managed to get some new books. ;) The two on the top are the same as shown in Jacobs Quilt.

On the bottom are two of the books I bought in the US; a book about the civil war and quilters, and a second book about the Elm Creek Quilters (I've just been over at and ordered three more books in this series - hooked?).

In addition to all of this, we've come home with more books, a CD, a bunch of movies, clothes and funny t-shirts. :) But I think this was what most of you would be interested in seeing, am I right? ;)


Linda said...

Wow what a goldmine of fabrics and quilting tools and books. Looks like you have the I just love the fabric with the kiwi's on it and the kiwifruit, so New Zealand.

Laila said...

Tanks. Now I remember what I have to do.....
I have started to read the first book from Elm Creek. And I manage to read english. :)
You have been great to shop fabrics, pattern and all the other great things. Love to see what you make. Big hug.

Anne Ida said...

What a load of goodies you brought home!!! Totaly jealous of your shoppingspree *lol* Look forward to see what you will do with all of it :o) Enjoy The Circle of Quilters - I loved it! (but read the others first - my opinion, anyway).