Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Anxiously awaiting..

a work bench? *haha*

No, not really, but I'm kinda lazy at the moment (long days at work, little energy for things not related to archiving and trying to stay awake for as long as I have to - new job-related issues, I guess) and since I'm lazy - and just finished clearing out quite a bit from the kitchen (or the place where we work on projects most of the time - me cutting, ironing and sewing and BF drawing, glue-ing and other things) I'm not quite feeling like dragging all my sewing stuff out from wherever they may be at the moment, mess up the kitchen table - only to have it cleaned up and tidy again in a couple of days.. Inspiration is not exactly the issue either, I've got tons of ideas and stuff I want to do/make, just take a look at some of the patterns I brought with me from the US, it's just that BF and I have decided to exchange our kitchen dining table (our.. like in "the houseowner put it there before we moved in and said we could use it") for a work bench. more practical - or atleast we imagine it will be.

Careful planning has been put into this, and on Saturday we're off to IKEA to buy everything we need - and my parents are going to meet us there and help us move the goods back to our apartment. The only not-so-good thing about this work bench is that it is white.. but I think we can either paint it or find/make something big enough to cover it. *hmm*

Sorry about not writing about our vacation yet, but I'm not really feeling like going through it all again so soon. Not in a bad way, but the trip was long, eventful and kinda energy consuming, so right now it's just very nice to just relax and be "at home". But, sooner or later it will come - anyways, you've all seen the goodies I bought, and that was, quite frankly, what you were interested in, right? ;p Come to think about it.. we need to sort our pictures - which ones to print out and which ones to toss..

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