Sunday, August 05, 2007


Yup, finally back home again.

Thee planes, four airports, 11 hours and some bad airplane-food later (not to mention _no_ sleep on the flight over, much thanks to the kid next to me who kicked in his sleep - while sitting on his sleeping mother's lap - and the fact that we were sitting as far back as possible on the longest part of the journey, right next to the bathroom - thank you plenty, all you middle-of-the-night-bathroomusers who taps their hands on and shakes the seats while they're waiting to go in..). But, other then that, and some not really so much fun experiences here and there, we've had a great vacation. Now to overcome jetlag until tomorrow morning, when I'm returning to work (I wish I had another week to sleep... I keep falling asleep today - I think about taking pictures of things we've bought or packages I've received in the mail, and then I fall asleep..).

No worries, though, a bigger and better update - with pictures - will come soon. Okay, May Britt? ;)

Mamma: you could always post some pictures of your presents. ;)

Vigdis: I'm glad you liked them - and you and mamma should really join us on a trip once. ;)


May Britt said...

glad you are safe back home. sleep well and take care.

Laila said...

yes , Dear. I have blogd all my new "must have"things. And now I hope you take photo and blogs yours soon. I can not remember everything I must have....