Thursday, July 12, 2007

Our bags are packed!

Tomorrow we're off - and won't be back for close to three weeks. :)

We're off to the States, two weeks in California/Los Angeles/San Fransisco/Las Vegas and there abouts, and a week in Minnesota/Bemidji/Black Duck/Tenstrike. We'll be flying over Iceland, with a short stop in Reykjavik. Of course, quilt shops are on my list of things I want to do, but there will be more - oh yes, lots more.. The batteries for the cameras are charged, and notebooks prepared.

See you all when we return! And have a nice summer/vacation/sewing time!


Laila said...

Have a lovley journey. Take care and enjoy. I want to hear everyting about your trip when you return. Big hug :-)

May Britt said...

I wish you a fun and inspireing vacation. Take care and bring home a lot of photos and sewingstash :)

Angela said...

Cannot wait to hear of your adventures!