Friday, January 26, 2007


I heard a rumor that May Britt wanted to see pictures of my rats. :) So here they come;

In the blue fleece house (made by a friend of mine named Ingrid, who lives in Trondheim) and from the left, we have the nose of my black berkshire dumbo (for those who're into standards, colors and markings) the eldest rat Pytteliten (also known as Pyttis). The name means something like really tiny (because she was really really tiny when I got her). In the middle (or left side-top) we have Igor - the hyperactive little rattie-baby. She's irish silvered black. And last, but not least, to the right we have Swiffer, who's agouti rex. All of them are girls - although the names might be a bit misleading. :)

A picture of all three of them, doing their usual thing whenever I open one of the cage doors - trying to climb out and come to me for a pat or a treat (I think they prefer the treats..). In this picture you can see more of the blue fleece house Ingrid made, and also parts of a hammock I've made (the black thing with blue insides), and you can even see a small part of a blue tunnell down to the right of Swiffer's foot.

And last, a picture of Swiffer and Pytteliten enjoying one of their comfy hammocks. This is how Swiffer sleeps from time to time - on her back with her feet in the air. Cute!!! I envy them when they're all bundled together in the hammocks and houses like that. It looks so cosy. :)


May Britt said...

Yuiiikkk....LOL But they are so cute. My DD wants some rats, but I do not think my cat want it.

Nemo said...

Aww.. but they are so friendly. ;) Little rascals, yes, but always good tempered. I think my mom can tell you a few stories from when she was rat-sitting.

My sister has a cat - she likes the ratties (as long as they don't look at her, because that is SCARY!!!).