Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Spoiled ratten?

I got this idea today, how to make a new kind of hammock for my rats. Well, it wasn't completely my idea, I've seen examples of how others have made them - hammocks with hiding pockets, but today at work I started to think about how I would make one. Boring day at work? Not really.. I jus think alot when I do the same thing for several hours at the time.

I got a piece of fleece and some fabric with funny jungle animals - I especially love the pink crocodiles and little frogs, and I don't even like pink! - and cut a fitting piece of fabric. Sew the fabric together with the fleece, made some hoops for fastening on the cage walls, a seam here and a seam there - and voilá!

Cute, aren't they?

And now my rats are even more spoiled then ever - if that is possible, I mean. ;)

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