Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Finished bag.

Well, I finished my bag on Sunday - or almost.. I need to find a clever way of closing it in the top - otherwise I'll be sure to lose my wallet the first day in town.. :/

Sunday was the perfect day for my sewing machine to get all cranky too.. it refuses to make buttonholes - and so I'm waiting until we're friends again to make some kind of closing arrangement on the bag.

But, it's all done, except for that, so here comes a picture. :)

You don't see the insides, but I found only one (or was that two?) fabric that I had enough of to make the insides. It looks kinda cool - there's a jungle and lots of wild animals. :) My Grandmother gave me the fabric to make hammocks for my spoiled little rats, but I never got around to use it.. mostly because my mother gives me hints about fabrics with bright colors and funny animals which they have at the store where she works. ;) Very handy, I must add, very handy indeed.

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