Friday, January 12, 2007

My UFO's

These past few days have gone by in a flash. Seems like all I've had time to do, is to plan and dream about the things I'm going to sew..

But! Atleast I have managed to find the time to take some pictures of my UFO's. :)

This is a picture (but unfortunetly not a very good one) of my whole quilt in progress. You can barely see the parts I've quilted - alot more work is waiting.

This is my Valentine's quilt. All quilted and ready for the last bits of the closer. Strange.. I've forgotten about this one ever so often, and suddenly stumbled upon it while cleaning. It's.. prettier now then when I made it. I guess it grew on me. :)

My ABC-sampler from Bareroots. :) The mixture of stitching and patchwork is what made me fall in love with the Bareroots designs.

This is my snowman quilt. It's not very big - perhaps 20x20 centimeters - and I have planned how to finish it. I found the pattern for this one in the Christmas magazine from NQF about a year ago, I think. I still have the magazine. I made it like a mirror image from the original pattern - and stitched it in blue instead of red. But he's still cute. ;)

And finally, my "Love is..". I've stitched the blocks on a kind of brushed cotton-like fabric, without adding bedding - I tried, but it got too hard and stiff to stitch.. Also I decided to applique the hearts insted of filling them with flat stitches (is that what it's called in English?). Now, I have thought about how to finish it, and decided what kind of fabrics I want, but I guess that depends on wether I can find the ones I've pictured in my head or not. I'm thinking about an old-fashion dark or burgundry red fabric - red on red - and a light fabric with dark or burgundry red patter, alternating around the blocks, with a small rim of the light one around the whole quilt - finishing it with the closer in the dark red. I think it might work out..

Now.. it's weekend again - hopefully I will be able to do some sewing and quilting these days (I'm dying to do a bag to use for work), but must also find time to see a friend of mine and relax. I need to relax.. or was that sleep? No.. no time for that. Can't sleep - sewing.

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