Saturday, January 13, 2007


Ah.. Saturday - and finally an opertunity to sleep until I wake up by myself - something that happened aroud 08:30.. typical.. Managed to doze off for a couple of hours, but eventually my back started to hurt (dunno why) so I got up.

Decided to go to town today, shop a little. Had some stuff I'd been thinking about for a while that I wanted to buy, plus the "Love is.." annoyed me a bit.. Just the looking for the correct fabric-part that sometimes bugs me.. Why can't the quilt shops have the fabrics and colours I've pictured in my head?

Anyway, I started off by taking the train (trikk) down a couple of stops to this big Narvesen kiosk. I've had some problems with my Lotto-card (I haven't recieved my winnings from last year yet, and needed to check which account it was registered to - it had to be the one I closed in September, of course..). Well, got that fixed, jumped on the fist bus that came and drowe it down town. Went to the farmacy (Vitus Apotek) and bought this step counter I've been drooling on for some time - a real fancy smancy little thing. :) My mom has the same type and she says it's working well.

I went to Panduro too - a kinda large store focusing on different hobbies, and came back with a coupon for 50,- (if I buy for 200,- in February they will give me 50,- in discount - now I have two of those ones!) and these little things;

The embrodery treads are from Tilda. My mom has them too. The colours were not something I'd normally buy, but I guess I feel like trying something new. :) The stamps on the left are small garden faeries - I thought they were so cute! The mice (or rats, since I have pet rats) are actually Christmas stamps from Tilda, but Panduro had a 50% sale on almost all Christmas items. Me like!

Then I took the train (trikk) again up behind the castle to Katrine's Quiltestue. I was looking for fabric to finish my "Love is.." and after talking to the girls who worked there, they finally understood the direction I wanted to go, and finding the fabrics ended up taking about 10 mins. :)
Both of these fabrics are from the Moda series "Chocolat". I think they are different from what I'd normally use, but very pretty.

I also managed to find the last Bareroots borders book they had! Had to look through most of the bookcase, but I found it! :D

I also bought two buttons (in wood) to use for the bag I'm planning to make (actually I want to sew it RIGHT NOW! but I'm tired from spending all day walking in the crowded streets..) and four miniature patters (all pre-printed on fabric)! They were so adorable! They had many many many more, but I fell in love with these four - and didn't look too well at the ones with Christmas themes, because Christmas is.. over? for now - I want spring and flowers (and allergies?) again. But Easter first - my birthday is just past Easter and Pytteliten's birthday too.

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