Thursday, November 17, 2016

Knitting for a cause

On November 1st for the past few years a group of volenteers and Kirkens Bymisjon went around several cities in Norway, hanging up bright orange knitted scarves. It is done to raise attention to the many people who - due to different reasons - aren't looking forward to the Christmas season. Many of the scarves are marked with labels reading Gled en som gruer seg til jul. There are about 10 000 scarves made and left hanging in trees, on benches and poles all over several Norwegian cities.

I brought yarn and knitting needles with me to London, and had a scarf approximately 2,5 - 3 meters long ready when I came back home again. And on November 1st I brought my scarf with me on my way to work, and found a nice place to hang it. 

It was gone by the time I went home that afternoon. I hope that whoever found it, got to feel a little warmer, knowing that someone's thinking about them. 

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Laila said...

Så fint det ble,det varmer nok noen nå :-)