Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Getting ready for Fall

It's October! It's Fall! And our tiny garden (and patches) are slowly getting ready for fall.

Our sunflowers have bloomed and died, so on Saturday we went to Plantasjen and bought a couple of lyng (ericaceae) and planted those. 

A fell asleep during a short walk, so I ended up sitting outside in the shade (until it got too chilly..) while she napped. We're very pleased with getting all the house painting done - and not having to think about painting anymore this year. (Some of our neighbours are not completely done yet..)

It was a nearly cloudless day, warm in the sun - but a little chilly in the shades. 

I'm tackling our garden project soom too. Our tomatoes need to be cut down and harvested (those that have any chance of getting ripe) and the boxes cleaned up before winter's here. It's already October - winter can come quite swiftly, if it decides to.

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Laila said...

Veranda rydding utført her...med gode medhjelpere 😊
Høsten er flott 🌻😊