Monday, October 03, 2016

A trip to Gjersjøelva naturepark

A sunny and warm Sunday saw us taking the trip to the nearby Gjersjøelva naturepark, where there is a small marina and a very old water-run saw (and mill).

A needed to take a nap, so she and I took a walk down to the nearby marina and enjoyed the view (and the boats of many sizes). 

We could see Hvervenbukta, where we collected shells and pretty rocks a few weeks ago, from a different angle. 

This old house reminded me of my grandparents' cabin in the woods.

An old steam-engine saw.

The old saw was called Gurisaga.

P tried fishing for the first time - and although he didn't catch any, he thought it was fun. :-)

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Laila said...

Så fint det var der :-)