Monday, September 26, 2016

Wonderful September

September has been a wonderful month - warm, bright - nothing like the cold/chilly, dark, wet Septembers I remember from growing up. It's like summer decided to come two months later! We've been out and about, outside in the sun, gathering from our tiny garden project (four pieces of corn and a ton of tomatoes - yellow and red). 

Last weekend Hubby suggested that we drove out to Tomter, a nearby farm which had a self-picking service of vegetables. P was grumpily stuffed into the car (anything that does not include Pokemon cards or playing with friends is torture these days, it seems...), while A came along surpricingly quiet (tired, I suppose). 

Upon arriving at the farm, we piced up some plastic bags and ventured into the fields. We picked sweet corn (and some not so sweet corn). I don't remember the names of the types of corn that we picked, but the ones we've tasted were YUMMY!

Climbing through the fields..
A decided that she wanted to walk - and so she spent some time climbing through the fields before she decided that the roads were easier to walk (run) on. 

Beautiful sky and sunshine!
Hubby and P picked sweet corn, and P ended up being quite the expert at cleaning the corn cobs.

Not quite the american height of corn, but still tall.
Afterwards we stopped by the farm shop and picked out some apples for the kids, lettuce, cucumber and pumpkins (both an orange pumpkin and a couple of butternut pumpkins). 

The casualty of eating corn cobs?
For dinner, we barbecued some hotdogs and corn cobs. Both the kids really liked it - and me too! (I haven't been very found of corn before, but this was really tasty!) And P lost another tooth! He's lost four now, and have a couple of more ones that are slightly loose.

We ended up taking a re-run of the dinner a couple of days later - and the rest of the corn was stored in the freezer. I've made pumpkin puré out of the orange pumpkin, and I'm thinking about either baking the butternut pumpkins, or making a soup of them. I've seen (somewhere - online?) that someone baked the pumpkins, with chevré or brié and drizzling honey over them, which looks very nice.

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