Friday, September 23, 2016

Major knitting project no. 3

I think 2016 might have been the year of the major knitting projects. Looking back, I've knitted three cardigans this year - two for me and one for a co-worker. 

Finished two weeks ago, the Nancy-cardigan looks gorgeous in the soft browns of the alpaca-yarn used.

I took some detail photos before handing it over - and am waiting for a good opertunity to take a picture (or twenty) of the cardigan with it's owner.

A classic star-pattern. Often found in norwegian knitting patterns.

She chose these simple, yet very cute, wooden buttons.

The design is pretty simple, but effective!

All in all a fun pattern to knit - and nice yarn to knit with. I'm considering knitting one for myself too, in the not so distant future (but right now, I'm feeling a little done with knitting big cardigan-projects..).


Susan said...

Wow, your cardigan is beautiful! I'd need a break too!

Laila said...

Den ble kjempe fin ! Dyktig er du :-)

Chookyblue...... said...

it is the pattern in it.........