Friday, September 09, 2016

A quick trip to Trondheim

I had to take a short trip to Trondheim last Tuesday, workrelated - to make a quick summary. In order to get to the airport in time for my 7AM flight, I had to get up insanely early - 4AM the alarm rang and by 04:35 I was out the door, heading for the bus stop. The airport express bus will seize it's route through Oppegård, where I live, by October 1st, so what I'll do the next time, I don't know.. 

Anyway.. It was dark, quiet and almost noone else out walking at 4:30 in the morning.. 

Dark and quiet..
The bus finally came, and about 50 minutes later it arrived at the airport. The sun had begun to rise, and at the airport there was a mix of earlybirds - awake and ready for a day of travel - and sleeping people (I past quite a few of them on my way to my gate, sleeping and resting in chairs close to the gates, perhaps waiting for delayed or early flights). The security checks went swift, and I had some time left until my flight was due to leave. Not a lot, but enough to pick up a soda and a chocolate bar at the kiosk on my way to the gate.

I think I fell asleep shortly after the safety procedures onboard, and can't really say that I remember the plane taking off.. I woke up a few minutes before the captain informed about reaching our destination - which is quite a nice way of travelling in the morning.

Trondheim is in sight!
I met three of my colleagues on the airport in Værnes, and we took a taxi to the local office. Finally getting a cup of coffee when we arrived at our destination, and the workday could begin.

After a whole day of discussion, planning, status and information, a couple of us went back in to town, while others went back to the airport to catch earlier flights home. I'd decided to catch a flight a little later, and so I got to spend a couple of hours walking around in this great city where I've spent so many summers. 

Observing old commercials painted on walls.
I took a walk up to Nidarosdomen and walked around outside there for a little while, remembering when my grandfather took me there once when I was little. 

A statue outside Det Norske Oljeselskapet. 
I bought a couple of presents for the kids at Trondheim Torg (a shopping mall). I'm not away that often, or for very long, but it's always nice to get presents.

Loving the details everywhere!
My flight back to Oslo was around 7:30PM, so I had a couple of hours until I had to get back to the airport. I had a quick bite to eat at Værnes before I found my gate, and lounged in a very comfy chair until it was time to board the plane.

Lounging at the gate.
I found the perfect spot. Right outside the window was the gate my flight would leave from, so I sat there watching the flight before mine get ready and leave - and I watched when my plane came in, "unloaded" it's passengers and got ready to leave. 

Sunset after a long day..
On the flight back I managed not to fall asleep, but got a little bit of knitting done, finished my audiobook and started listening to an episode of a podcast.

17 hours after leaving home I was back, and - after a quick meal - ready for bed. I don't really mind travelling, but I'm glad I don't have 17 hour-days that very often..

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Susan said...

Exciting to travel like that occasionally. I don't think I'd like to do it too regularly either.