Tuesday, June 21, 2016

A Finish!

Once upon a time Anni Downs came to Oslo to hold a course. This was around the same time as her line of small projects called "Little Stitches" (I think..? correct me if I'm wrong) came out in the stores. I think I ended up buying four or five of those little projects (preprinted linen was included) and then I spent some time stitching the designs. Well, fast forward three years, and the stitcheries were rediscovered in a small box. Most of them done, except from one of them, where a couple of details were yet to be stitched.

And a few hours later the first of these projects saw the finishline.

I give you.. Cake Money Purse.

The back. The fabric with the buttons is one of Anni's own.

The front. 

I had an idea as to why I wanted to finish this one - not just finishing it, but giving it a purpose. Well, later this year, I will be going on a trip. Until the day of departure, this little purse will hold the funds for my travel. Quite suitable, isn't it? Although I'm not sure if all the funds will be spent on cake.. some may go for coffee, and some? Well, we'll just have to wait and see, won't we. 

Where will the journey go..?

I've just finished knitting my Marius jacket, and got another project handed to me (more or less) by one of my colleagues. I'm knitting her a jacket - quite gorgeous too - and without a deadline, so everything is (so far) just fun. :-)

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Laila said...

So cute :-)
It seems I have a little must do item ...:-)