Tuesday, June 21, 2016

A couple of finishes!

These pictures were saved as a draft post for a few weeks, sorry about that.. 

The first is a tablerunner. A couple of years ago Anni Downs came to Oslo and held a few day courses. My mom and I went on a Thursday, and the project for that day was the tablerunner with small houses and trees. 

I ended up making it a few rows shorter, to better fit our tables. 

Lovely colours and a fun project (I just ended up, unfortunetly, keeping it as a UFO for a couple of years before finishing it..) I handquilted stripes diagonally through all the squares. (It has been re-ironed, and looks much better now.. ;-))

The second finished project came from last years Advent Calendar my mom gave me. The stitchery was completed quickly, and thanks to my mom for including already cut and prepared fabric, the piecing went smooth and quick. 

I handquilted this one too, and added buttons and beads for decoration. Now it awaits the colder season, so it can decorate our hallway. :-)

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