Tuesday, September 01, 2015

The chaos of early August..

It's been close to four weeks since our move, and even though we're not done unpacking and getting things organised (under the stairs seem to be a good place to put boxes unable to be unpacked until things are set ut) it's a liveable situation, and things are going pretty good.

A and I are out walking almost every day, unless it's extremely heavy rain. Which has happened a couple of times now. We still go out every day, we need to pick up P from kindergarten anyway, but we'll still stay indoor until that time if the rain is too heavy..

Looking back, I think a lot of things have come together and are working out pretty good here. I remembered that I had a couple of photos on my phone from those moving days.

P's old room.
The complete chaos that was P's old room the days before the moving van came. Everything we packed ended up in his room until we were done. (Luckily, he was not at home at that time. He got to spend some days with hubby's parents instead.)

The last sunset...
On Sunday, our last day in the apartment, the sun graciously showed us a lovely sunset. At the time it felt very strange to suddenly say goodbye to our home for the past five years - and build a new one in a place we barely knew..

Sack upon sack in our new bedroom..
So far, things are working out pretty good. We've had some bad mornings (hubby ended up coming late for work, P didn't want to go to kindergarten, etc) but things are adjusting and we are getting to know the area, the neighbours and feeling more and more at home in our house. It helps when our things find their spot - and I can't wait for the day when our pictures are up on the walls, and the last box is flattened and put away!

We talked about moving a few months ago, after buying the house, and agreed that this would be the last time we moved - until the kids have finished school (unless something extreme comes up). I think we both liked that idea.


Laila said...

Fra kaos til ryddig heim er mye jobb,men jeg synes dere har kommet langt nå.. God rydde jobb videre :-))

Susan said...

Moving is a lot of hard work, but once you have everything in its place it will be home. Hard to do with young children too.