Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Natures Journey - April blocks completed

Now, who would've thought that?

April - August, it's been four months since I put these blocks away, knowing that I only had one block left to sew - not knowing when I'd be able to pick them up and complete them.

What with the house viewing, sale (yay!!!), summer vacation, packing and moving, time has flown by - and today I suddenly found a little shred of time to think maybe I'll have a look at that block now? And wouldn't you know, I was able to complete it! Found the fabric and the pattern while A took a little nap - and she was happily playing on her mat while I put the finished stitches in the star block.

Now April is completed - and I have run out of ready-prepared backgrounds for the rest of the blocks, so when I have another shred of me-time, I think I'll spend it preparing these. As Chookyblue once told me, one stitch here and there makes a completed block.


Little A will be six months old next week. A pretty happy little girl - when she gets her way. ;-) And if she doesn't, she'll be sure the whole world/neighbourhood/room/house knows exactly how she feels about that!

I truly enjoyed picking up the needle again. It's been a while - too long, perhaps? But my crafty surge has been filled with knitting and crochet. I have a crochet project I hope to get closer to finishing soon - and have started a new knitting project that I'm longing to see the finished result.

Tonight, however, I intend to celebrate my little (..big..) victory - knowing that I'm another (small) step towards a finished quilt!


Chookyblue...... said...

woohoo.........big celebration.......yes every little stitch counts.........they look great........goodluck preparing some more blocks.......

Jindi's Cottage said...

Six months already...time whooshes by...your blocks are looking fabulous, well done...