Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Wednesday evening

Well, here I am, both kids sleeping, hubby's at the Foo Fighters concert with his brothers, the window's open and one of our neighbours is sitting on her balcony smoking. *..blergh..* I should probably just close the window, but.. nah, too lazy. She'll go inside again soon. I think she's done talking on her phone (with speakers..). There's a creepy show on the tv, The Whispers, which I probably shouldn't watch. I'm seeing about half the screen above my laptop at the moment. 

Although August seems so far away - I mean, we've just started June, and then comes July and vacation time - there are so many things that must be done before everything calms down again. Two days ago I put a bunch of quilting books up for sale in a group on Facebook. To be honest, the books are great, they are nice and easy to follow - with fun projects - but I haven't used them for years. They've been sitting on a shelf collecting dust. Which is really bad. Books aren't supposed to do that. Books (no matter which type of book it is) are supposed to be used, read, loved - and not collect dust. So I went through my books and sorted out a rather big bunch. Instead of moving them with us to the new house, where they will continue to collect dust, I'd try to find a new home for them. That includes the Elm Creek Quilts books. All 20 of them. I'm tempted to do the same with all my quilty stuff. I bet I've got tons of things I've never used and probably will never make or use. But first, I'd like to take care of the books. 

Trysil, mid-Christmas.

The past couple of days have been chaotic and long.. Yesterday I think A and I were in and out about four times before picking up P from kindergarden. Went downtown to pick up a tomato plant from a coworker, went home, had some lunch, went back outside and to the health centre (breast feeding advice) and back home again - and then out again.. Today was a little calmer, but still.. Went to the photographer with A (we had some great pictures taken by P when he was little, and wanted some of A too) - she hated it, by the way.. - went home, took a looong walk (getting some stuff done, amongst others a christening gift and new shoes for me *yay!*), came home, took a short nap (mostly A.. mostly, that is..) and then went to pick up P. Ended up staying outside until hubby came home from work.

Tomorrow.. what will we do tomorrow..? Well, I guess a trip to the post office to send a couple of books (I've sold four already, which isn't too bad, in two days - or is it?) off to their new owners.. Maybe a trip downtown to get some shorts for P (I think he has one pair that fits..), and if I'm in a good mood, I'll stop by Outland to see if they've gotten the individual Ninjago LEGO characters they said they'd get sometime this week. (P loves that show, and have all the characters - except the white one, Zane.)

Well, the neighbour's back on the phone.. I wonder if she's aware the whole building can hear both sides of her conversations - or if she even cares.. I'd better close the window - I don't like it when it smells like cigarettes here. (But I do like the fresh air..) *Haha* The neighbour on the other side of the wall (from our living room) just slammed their window shut.. I'd better take the hint.

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Sounds like some lovely Norwegian weather with all that outside time...........