Sunday, June 07, 2015

Friday sky-day

On Friday P's kindergarden was closed - the staff had a planning day, where they plan the next few months or take some courses or something like that (at least that was what we did when I last attended a planning day, was back when I was a school librarian, in 2004?). Anyway, P spent the day with A and me, and we just couldn't stay inside all day. I mean, look at the sky!

Not a cloud in sight  - and just a mild breeze.

These were taken on our way back home, after going to the gas station for ice-cream (we figured that the gas station might have a bigger selection than the small grocery store around the corner). (P had a raspberry cream cone and I had an oreo cone.)

Yesterday was a wet and grey day, but today's been much better. Sunny and quite warm. P's been to a friend's birthday celebration and I guess he managed to burn off most of his energy. The day literally blew past, and now both the kids are sleeping. (Nice, for as long as it lasts..)

The first week of June is already over. Four more weeks until the vacation - and it looks like I'm going to have a busy one..

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