Tuesday, May 05, 2015

SAL - April blocks

Well, I didn't manage to finish all the blocks for April (but nearly!). April 30th I had all but two blocks done (and that without growing an extra arm - not bad, if I may say so). 

One more block was finished last night, will post that when the last one is completed too. 

Finally getting some routines going here with baby A, so perhaps the blocks for May might be om schedule (and if not, I'm not getting very stressed about it - if I don't get whipped too hard, that is..). 

Baby A is nine weeks old and growing like a weed (a very Norwegian thing to say?). Not too fond of the stroller (yet.. or if timed wrongly) but loving the Angelpack. 

Yep, crappy photo, I know.. But it works, she sleeps like a baby (haha), hanging there when we're out and about. 

Happy stitching!


Laila said...
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Chookyblue...... said...

great blocks......good that you have a sleeping baby and she is growing like a weed.....we use that here too......

Laila said...

Flotte blokker,vet at du tar igjen bare the sleepy beauty finner ut at senga er helt ok :-))