Friday, March 28, 2014

Procrastinating, in all it's glory

You know what I'm talking about, right? Procrastinating? Putting off something, just because it seems like such an effort to finish? Well, I have a knitted project just right for this description..

According to Ravelry, I started knitting this in May 2013, and it trotted along for a short while, until the summer heat came later that month. It went on pause until October, where I might've knitted a row or two, feeling gloomy - there was just too much work, I'm never getting this finished - and so it went back in the project bag..

Soft'n'fluffy wool.. 

Then came January - and the ambition of finishing more things attacked from it's hiding place. If I could just finish one row of stars a week, I'd be happy. I'd be done by the time summer came back. And so I begun knitting.. and saw that, hey, I could actually finish one row of stars in one to two days!

13 1/2 stars wide by 14 star designs high.

And suddenly, less than two weeks later - it was done! 13 1/2 stars wide, 14 stars tall. Each row of stars is a different design. Knitted in the 100% wool yarn Kauni, in two variegated colors (EN shades of blue, and ELC white-to-orange).

Loving the variegated blues and white-to-orange..
Gives life to the whole blanket!

It's almost big enough for a lap throw, but it is actually a baby blanket. P's expressed wishes that he could keep it for him self, but he's got blankets and quilts to last him quite a while now. ;-)

Stars, stars and more stars..

The pattern is called Orion's Belt, and was designed by Ann Myhre - also known as Pinneguri. If you ever need a gorgeous knitting project, then I'd be sure to check out Pinneguri's patterns and see if there's anything that tempts you there (I know there are several temptations for me in her pattern collection.. hmmm....). ;-)

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