Wednesday, October 02, 2013

October quilt guild meeting

Tonight was the October meeting in the quilt guild (Tåsen quiltelag) and there were guests! MaurTua had come to visit, and had brought along tons of inspiration, stories of how they worked - and, of course, part of their shop. (Yes, I did buy something..)

What's so special about this shop - and the ladies behind it - is that they specialize in reuse of old fabric, and mostly old shirts. It was very inspirational to hear them tell stories behind quilts they'd made, selecting fabric, trying to use every useful bit and piece of shirts, curtains and old bed linen. 

This quilt consist mainly of the labels from the back of the neck of old shirts.

Stripes from different colored shirts.

I loved the orange shirt used in this small quilt.

A larger version of the small quilt.

Notice the dresden plate in the corners?

The pattern for this little dress with the crochet top piece has been very
here in Norway this summer.



Left-overs from the stars in the previous picture.

Even more leftovers (blocks this time).

And another one.

Not just old shirts, but also mixed with "modern" quilt fabric
and traditional blocks.

Useful for both picnics in the summer - and setting the Christmas table!

Mugrugs with a twist (I loved the idea).

I have a charm pack-size pack of fabric from MaurTua (which I got back in March), and I have to say that after tonight, I really feel inspired to create something from it.. I just need some time to think.. and sew..

Anyone else got "startitis"?

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