Tuesday, April 23, 2013

More baking from the birthday celebrations.. and knitting inspiration.

Well, there wasn't just lemon cookies served on the celebration of our birthdays, but also apple cake and cupcakes (and swedish chocolate cake, but didn't take a picture of that one this time.. there is one a bit further back on the blog, I think..).

Apple cake, served with vanilla ice cream.. 

Chocolate cup cake with a touch of butter cream
and fondant topping..

This is what a birthday boy, who completely wiped-out,
looks like when he's fallen asleep..
I've been spending some time browsing Ravelry for inspiration and patterns (knitting, mainly) and I wish I had a little less yarn then I have in my stash (easier to shop some more without having the volume of my stash hanging over me..). I even got a book of knitting patterns for my birthday - and found at least three or four items in there I'd love to knit for myself (ego-knitting) but - once again - it would mean buying more yarn. If (that's a really big if, by the way) I'm good, I ought to knit up a few balls of yarn before I start one of these projects (and buy more yarn).. I've made a small start, and knitted a baby vest (size about 0-4 months), but one ball of yarn doesn't really make much of a difference, I'm afraid.. :P

Have you ever checked out Ravelry? It's addictive..

I'm spending a couple of days in Trysil this week - it's my Grandfather's funeral tomorrow. It's such a beautiful and sunny late afternoon tonight, and I'm hoping the sun shines tomorrow too.

Here's to a peaceful evening and a beautiful tomorrow.

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Laila said...

Takk for en fin dag i dag og en koselig kveld i går:-)
Bursdags kakene var "gørgoe"
Tror virkelig du trenger mere garn...... Klem :-))