Monday, February 11, 2013

First meeting in 2013

Lest Wednesday was this year's first meeting in Tåsen Quiltelag. It was the first time I'd have time to come since November, so I thought it was really nice to get some much needed vitamin q's and inspiration - plus meet up with a bunch of friendly and talented people. I went together with Anne Ida, and we both had a good time.

And look! There's even a couple of pictures of my things on their blog!

Candlemat, pattern/kit from Bareroots.

Leftovers from a Cinderberry Stitches-project
ended up as a tablerunner.
 I may not alway have a new, finished project when I come to these meetings, but I really like the response I get when I do.

I'm currently working on a bunch of secret stuff - something for a competition, something for an exhibition - and something for a swap - so it might be a little while before I can post a finished project (or one of the above items..).


Laila said...

Gøy :-)) Vet du har mye flott på gang :-)) den om venter på noe godt osv...

Gailene Green said...

I think that swap project might be the one that just arrived in my mail. If so they are currently being loved in Canada! :-) I'll post a photo on the flickr group page.