Friday, August 17, 2012

Give away-winner & extremely bad memory.

This is really really embarrassing, but while packing my weekend projects bag, I remembered that I'd forgotten to show you the cute bag I won in May Britt's give-away earlier this summer. *facepalm*
It's perfect! I love the colours, and it holds everything I need for a weekend get-away;
- a ball of yarn (car-knitting)
- a plastic ziplock-bag with measuring tape & knitting needles
- another small bag containing a small stitchery project
And there's room for more! Plus, it's small enough to go in my bag of knitting projects. Awesome!
Lovely May Britt even added the most adorable ribbon with tiny cars on - and some candy, which is loooong gone.. quite mysteriously.. hmm..
Thank you so much, May Britt! I love the bag and it's been travelling with me all summer.


May Britt said...

So happy you loved it and can use it for your knitting. I guess Peder got most of the candy LOL ????

Chookyblue...... said...

lovely gift from May Britt........