Monday, June 25, 2012

Pjona cuffs - O'hoi, Captain!

The Nerd Wars Tournament 5 is nearing the end of round 1 (28h of June) so there's still time to hand in a few more projects (but I think this one might be my last project for this round).

For the challenge (Intellectual) A Most Excellent Adventure Through History, I chose to learn a new technique, and found inspiration from both my newly acquired skills in crochet (..haha..) and from the ideas I got from reading about pjoning (which is an old technique for knitting/crochet). Pjoning is also known as bosnian crochet, shepherd's knitting, dutch knitting or påtning (in Swedish).

The color's a bit off, it should be a little darker.

A perfect fit!

Stretchable enough for a guy too.
More information can be found on my Ravelry-page.

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Laila said...

Clever girl- I love them :-))