Monday, June 25, 2012

Bags..... and more bags?

May Britt published a post on her blog yesterday, related to us quilters/crafters and our need (?) to make bags (or similar systems for keeping and storing things) - and gave the challenge to show some of the bags (etc) that other quilters/crafters have made. Well, after a quick phone call from my mom, I started rounding up some of the stuff I've got hidden in nooks and corners (some are often in use, others not so often), and I ended up with a nice pile of things (note, not all of these are bags, but they can and are used to store things in).

(Blogger and I had a bit of a discussing with regards to keeping my photos turned the right way. I lost..)

My Sue Daley-basket/box is often in use, and it lives next to Aurora (my sewing machine) - holding pen, glue, oil for my sewing machine, and other useful items. The green one is my needlekeeper, made from a pattern from Cinderberry Stitches. The purple one is a bag (with zipper!) that I made a few years ago, and I use it to keep tighteners and ends for my exchangeable knitting needles in it. The roll on the right/bottom keeps my straight knitting needles nicely sorted, and the other small items are various bags, needle books and keepers that I've made, either with my mom or while attending a class in Göteborg a couple of years ago.

The second picture shows some of the items opened up. I especially love my needlekeeper and the keeper for my knitting needles. They're in use almost daily!

I also found some pictures from esrlier posts, like the coin purses my mom and I made a few years ago, the drawstring bags I made - I think - a long time ago, the handy bag for sll you necessary sewing gear from Quilt My Design (a danish quilt shop who was present in Göteburg 3 years ago, for the Nordic Quilt Meeting - and, finally, the bag I made a couple of months ago (in daily use, I keep my current knitting-wisps in it).

And there you have it, some of the bags and such that I've made, some which are in daily use and others that were alot of fun to make, but might've been stored in a drawer for some time now.


May Britt said...

Du har jammen mange fine poser du også. Takk for at du viste dem.

Grete said...

Så mange flotte oppbevaringsting!

Edny sine puslerier said...

Så mange fine poser og morsomme og fine oppbevaringsetui du har laget!

Laila said...

Kjempe gøy å se alle de fine posene ol du har laget.