Friday, September 16, 2011

Up at the crack of dawn..

When Plutt awoke around 04:45 this morning, looking for his "motte", I decided to just get up and start my day. The alternative would've been to go back to bed and dozing off for about half an hour until my alarm rang, and I'd get up, drowsy and feeling waaaay too tired to to much except continuing to (more or less) nod off in the bathroom, in the kitchen, manage to get myself into the living room, continuing to doze off until Plutt (I expect) finally wakes up just before 6AM (again..).
Picture borrowed from the Internet.
Instead, I'm sitting in the living room, knitting on a Christmas present, glancing through the window at the complete and utter darkness out there. Nothing like the picture above, no, that would look more like the sunset a couple of days ago. But this morning, there's nothing but darkness out there.

I might go through a couple of extra cups of coffee today.. and perhaps make another attempt at going to bed early (haha..).


Anonymous said...

Way too early, Nemo!! Tell that gorgeous baby of yours to sleep in longer in the mornings okay?! ;)

Laila said...

I must up this early to morow...
But I got soo mutch fun in front of me- so I'll manage ... I belive- Wonder if I shall stay up the whole nigth.. Hmmmm :-)